Awakening To Wonder

A dance workshop for trained dancers

In this intensive workshop guided by Daniel Linehan and Michael Helland, we explore the power of dance and embodied practice to help open our minds to heightened states of awareness, as we take a deep dive into the marvelous wonders that we are.

We flow through a balance of physical grounding exercises and consciousness expansion practices, tapping into streams of inspired action to find deeper roots into the material universe of our bodies, while also connecting branches towards the sky of cosmic awareness around and within us.  We activate our bodies to help shake our minds loose from habitual and limiting patterns of thought, discovering creative fluidity and an enlarged imagination.  We trust in the vibrant intelligence that lives in our bodies, in our bones, in our cells. We allow our hearts to dance us. We invite life to dance us.

The morning session begins with active attunements, opening the map of our bodies into the space which holds our vital presence. We move through choreographic games and guided visualizations powered by embodied wonderment. Through rigorous amplifications we find the edges of our senses and dance, crafting waves of energetic catharsis and flow states.  We dance from the heart, from the breath, from the guts, and beyond, opening channels of inner wisdom and spaces for healing.

The afternoon unfolds into a round robin dance extravaganza, using the map of morning practices to create clusters and landmarks for a robust ecstatic dance jam.  We consider our dance as a gift to ourselves, to one another, and to the space, as we enter into a collective gifting ceremony.  We ride waves of perpetual motion to find the edges and limits of acceleration, to arrive in a state of sacred exhaustion and radical repose, mindfully winding down through modes of integration, reflection, and after-care.


Dance is unity of expression and function; physicality filled with light, giving soul to form.  Without ecstasy no dance!

Mary Wigman


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With and by Daniel Linehan & Michael Helland

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