Being Together without any Voice (2010)

© Bart Grietens

In Being Together without Any Voice, four performers shift between ten different kinds of wordless social configurations. The ways that they interact—or avoid interaction—are familiar yet paradoxical. They act with insistent repetition, and yet they easily abandon their actions and move on to something new without a care. They act in a way that seems willfully designed and determined, yet the events seem to follow random initial conditions. The performers are engaged in something which might be useless labor, or which might be a purposeful game. They appear simultaneously as a unified group and as a disparate conglomeration. Each performer treats the other as an object, and treats himself/herself as an other. What are these beings on the stage? Creatures with free will, or creatures of habit? Or both?


Choreography Daniel Linehan
Creation, performance Daniel Linehan / Steven Michel, Anne Pajunen, Michael Helland, Anna Whaley
Original lighting design Joris De Bolle

Production P.A.R.T.S (Brussels, BE)
Distribution Damien Valette (Paris, FR)
Distribution Belgium Caravan Production (Brussels, BE)

Daniel Linehan/Hiatus is supported by the Flemish authorities


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