Collective Care Circles

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Collective Care Circles are fun group rituals to help vibrate the senses and socially connect in a novel and creative way. Together we cultivate special forms of attention and a sense of place through processes of attunement and care-based practices. Anchored by physical practices, active meditations, and choreographic games, the workshops are accessible to all walks of life and abilities. The circles can be geared towards a spontaneous group as a one-time offering, or adapted for a dedicated team that commits to meeting on a regular basis, diving more deeply into the dance of life.

The dance company Hiatus has developed a series of care-based practices aimed at reinforcing the wellbeing of our artists, collaborators, and greater community.

Michael Helland of Hiatus invites you for a practical sharing and immersive introduction into a selection of these embodied practices, which have helped nourish our creative process and inspire a culture of care in all of the work that we do.

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