Collective Care Circles

Hiatus Collective Care Circles with Hugo Mega, Kevin Fay and Michael Helland

How have we been caring for ourselves and one another in these times of disruption and isolation?  

Beginning in February 2021, Hiatus facilitated three monthly Collective Care Circles as a form of research-in-action and online community offering for our extended circle of colleagues working in the performing arts.

This care-based initiative emerged organically from within the culture of Hiatus, a dance company that is intent to artistically blur the edges of what dance can be, guided by our commitment to express care as a core value in all of the work that we do – as we seek to discover what wants to manifest from this space…

With Hugo Mega acting as our lead facilitator and transformation coach, the circles aspire to cultivate the conditions for deep listening and collective intelligence, as we enter into unique dialogues with the subconscious mind through the world of imagery and bodily sensation.

The circles were further anchored by the presence of Kevin Fay, who took charge of documentation to help deepen the reflective process and capture some of the currents for care running through our community.

Guided by the notion that connected communities are resilient communities, we humbly hope that these Collective Care Circles and their waves of after-care might serve as little sparks of possibility, as the deep cultural work to foster processes of healing and transformation continues in unexpected ways far beyond the edges of these circles.

Dive into the waves of our interactive Collective Care Circle reflection space.

Haiku Image by Kevin Fay

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