Listen Here: This Cavern (2021)

Listen Here: This Cavern is a continuous dialogue between space, dancers and audience. The performance is a quest to cultivate an expanded awareness of our surroundings and creates a harmonious interplay between the open and generous movements of the dancers, the ongoing vibrations in the space, and the audience.

Thus, the performance becomes an invitation to take the time to truly listen, in order to heighten our awareness as we listen to our environment. It is connected to how living systems always relate to time as a cyclical process – days and seasons, for example, and also inhaling and exhaling. As the dancers cycle energy outwardly and then collect it again inwardly, the audience feels implicated in this ongoing energetic flow. This vibrant and sensitive dance will take place to the tones of the musical piece “Deep Listening” by Pauline Oliveros.

This Cavern is part of the double bill Listen Here, along with Listen Here: These Woods. The two dance performances are inspired by the work of American composer Pauline Oliveros. Through her compositions, she suggested that true listening is a lively and creative act. For Daniel Linehan, it is a continuation of his research on the interconnection between species, nature and environment.

Concept & choreography Daniel Linehan
Creation & performance Gorka Gurrutxaga Arruti, Renaud Dallet, Anneleen Keppens, Jean-Baptiste Portier, Louise Tanoto
Dramaturgy Ingrid Vranken
Music by Pauline Oliveros
Costumes Frédérick Denis
Light Elke Verachtert
Sound Christophe Rault
Production Hiatus (Brussels, BE)
Coproduction deSingel International Arts Campus (Antwerp, BE), Charleroi Danse, centre chorégraphique de Wallonie – Bruxelles (Brussels, BE), Centre chorégraphique national de Rillieux-la-Pape, direction Yuval PICK, dans le cadre du dispositif Accueil-Studio (FR), KAAP (Ostend/Brugge, BE) & Perpodium (Antwerp, BE)
Residencies deSingel (Antwerp, BE), Kaaitheater (Brussels, BE), KAAP (Ostend, BE), Charleroi Danse, centre chorégraphique de Wallonie – Bruxelles (BE)
International tour planning Damien Valette (Paris, FR)

Daniel Linehan/Hiatus is Creative Associate at deSingel International Arts Campus 2017-2021 (Antwerp, BE) and supported by the Flemish authorities and Tax Shelter of the Belgian federal government. In partnership with BOS+, Hiatus contributes to the reforestation of our planet.

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