Mindfulness Meditation and Embodied Awareness

In these four sessions Daniel Linehan will offer an introductory course in mindfulness. He will share practices of meditation as well as embodied movement practices that will bring us more deeply into the living presence of our bodies. We will spend time offering a more caring attention to what’s going on in our bodies, in our minds, in our social connections. These practices are a form of deep listening that open us to the aliveness of our senses, as we discover the possibility for greater creativity and ease in our daily lives. All bodies are welcome!

Anyone can participate, as long as you are curious and willing to move the body. Whether you have danced before or not, whether you are an artist, an amateur or a professional dancer, whatever your physical abilities are, you are very welcome to join this free public offering. But please note that you have to commit to come to the 4 sessions.

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With and by Daniel Linehan


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