Montage for Three (2009)

© Bart Grietens

Montage for Three is a choreography-of-images that takes its source material entirely from found photographs, both famous and obscure. The two dancers embody the photographs with the absurd and impossible aim of giving presence to something which is absent. They strive to erase the inherent sentimentality of the photographs in order to see what lies beneath the nostalgia. The living/moving/present bodies confront the mechanical/static/reproduced bodies until the two forms begin to exchange roles. The still images take on a life of their own, as the dancers begin to serve as a trigger for the viewer’s memory…


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Choreography Daniel Linehan
Creation, Performance Daniel Linehan, Salka Ardal Rosengren
Original lighting design Ise Debrouwere

Production P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels, BE)
Co-production Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis (Paris, FR)
Distribution Damien Valette (Paris, FR)
Distribution Belgium, administration Caravan Production (Brussels, BE)
Special thanks to Bojana Cvejic, Chrysa Parkinson

Daniel Linehan/Hiatus is supported by the Flemish authorities

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