Workshop Miracles of Sensitivity

If you searched the whole universe, all of the galaxies and planets, it would be very rare to find a being quite like you, with your capacities of awareness and sensitivity. In each moment, it is possible for you to be sensitive and to tune in to the textures and movements and flavors and changes that are happening within you and in the world around you. Each breath that you are aware of is a miracle of sensitivity.

In this masterclass, I will guide the group through different embodied experiences that wake us up to our inherent capacities for being sensitive. The masterclass will consist of dance improvisations, touch and physical contact, meditations, practices in listening, writing exercises, explorations of the body’s senses, and invitations to connect with one’s intuition. Dancing, getting quiet, getting loud, playing, working…we will discover all of these qualities of experience as we cycle through a diverse palette of practices. How can we remain nuanced and detailed in situations of dynamic change? The emphasis will be to remain open and ready to respond to what is always new – this moment now.

Masterclass will be given in English


Concept & guidance Daniel Linehan
Production Hiatus (Brussels, BE)